Leonard Seni

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My story is back in 1990istarted my auto shop called lens auto I had one employ other than myself and hers my story I was very well known for tech repairing and motor rebuilding well my employee told me on one engine rebuild job that the customer already approved my estimate and I replaced everything because I did not want to take a chance on anything failing and have to replace things since customer approved my estimate well my employee said hey it there's nothing wrong with this gasket I think we can use it again I said no listen customer already approved my estimate I really don't want any week links just replace the gaskets with felpros and we did since then I've had to close up my shop and go on SSI disability I had 3brain anurisms now I'm 64and doing fine but iusednothing but the best for the customers i had thank you Leonard a Seni pronounced sen.....eye 4039baird Dr stow Ohio 44224 ,lenseni@hotmail.com